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South Topsail Elementary School






Turn off music for this visit.

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What Music? I don't hear any

The site will reload from the top.

Next time you visit

Click the refresh or reload button if you want to hear the background music.

  You should hear some background music that starts a few seconds after you arrive at our site. There could be several reasons why you don't.

The music just adds a little extra flavor. If you don't hear it, you can still view our pages without being otherwise effected.

But, if you want to hear it this may help.

    Your computer obviously needs to be equiped with a sound card and speakers. The system volume and speaker volume also have to be properly adjusted. If you can hear MIDI files played from your disk or from other sites, then go to the next step.
    Try clicking on the small red treble symbol at the bottom of the menu bar on the left side of the screen. That should work in most cases. (If you have an older browser version that can't accept frames, you were probably directed to the "no frames" version of the site when you arrived. If so, the music will only continue as long as you are on the home page. )
    If That doesn't work
    There are many possible reasons. Playing music from a web page used to be fairly simple. Rapidly advancing technology and the continuing "browser wars" can make it challenging to design web pages that work consistantly on everyone's system. If you have a music plug-in like Cresendo installed on your system, the version you are using also may not respond as expected to the code used on this site.
    Please let us know
    If you still can't get the music, please e-mail us. Include information about your system type, browser software and version number along with the name and version of any media plug-in software you are using. We'll try to suggest a solution. It also may give us an opportunity to adjust our code so that the site works consistently for as many users as possible.


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