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South Topsail Elementary School

Class Time

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This section focuses on teacher and classroom information.
Please check back here often. Each teacher will gradually add
their own page(s) to present class activities, projects, events
and announcements.


Teaching Staff







Donna Redinger April Watson
  Rhonda Hathcock Trina Kirkland
  Priscilla Sanders Cynthia Diana Tucker
First Grade


Gail Lanier Judy Rimel
  Pamela Smith Teresa Coston
  Tiffany Smith Lindsey Teachey
Second Grade


Carole Bush Sue Newton
  Robin Brown Nora Thompson
  Lori Kirkpatrick Myra Hand
Third Grade * Julie Cox Susan Lanier
  Mary Borneman Valerie Nixon
Sharon Mooney-Hughes
Fourth Grade * David Rose  
  Mary Parker-Ashley  
Fifth Grade * Constance Schwarz  
  Rose Geddie  
Rhonda O'Janpa
Exceptional Children * Donna Ritter (IEP Chair)
  Kathleen Manha  
  Brenda Best  Sally Pike
Mary Fallon Naomi Pickett
Patrice Porter
Media Specialist   Annette Oppegaard Angie Parker
Art   Mark Scott  
Music   Julie Iacuzzo  
Physical Education   Deirdre Fabian  
Counselor   Donna Noland  
Social Worker   Rene  Jones  
Grade Chair