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South Topsail Elementary School
Hampstead, NC

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Welcome to our new site!  This is the place where you can find all kinds of information about who we are, our mission and goals, our projects, events and fundraising efforts.  We expect this site to be very dynamic, constantly providing new information about everything related to your local PTA organizaion.  You'll want to check back here often to see the latest.

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We also welcome and encourage your comments.  Please let us know what you think of our site and tell us what you would like to see here.  We want to make this one of the best sites of its kind anywhere on the web. But, we need your feedback to make it happen.  Since the site is new, we especially want to know about any problems you encounter in accessing or navigating around the pages.  Please tell us what browser software, version, type of computer and connection speed you are using.  We would like to make it accessible to all users. Just send us an e-mail or sign our Guestbook.  We'll try to answer all of your inquiries quickly.


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South Topsail Elementary School

977 Hoover Road

Hampstead, NC  28443

Phone: 910-270-2756

Fax: 910-270-4056

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