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Concerned People Like You

The PTA is an organization made up of paents, teachers and other interested persons who share common goals in promoting the well being of our children in school, at home and in the community.  Your local South Topsail Elementary School PTA is part of both the state and national PTA organizations. While the local PTAs tend to focus heavily on initiatives related to a specific school community, the state and national organizatons focus on issues and programs of regional and national concern to members.  Local PTA chapters are chartered by the national organization.  They adhere to national guidelines and benefit from the initiatives, resources and support of the larger organizaion.

New Beginnings

Fall of 1998 starts off a new school year with a brand new building and location.  The PTA also has a new slate of officers and committee chairpersons.  This means there's lots to be done in organizing and in new projects.  We invite you to join us now to help make the future brighter for all our children.

Officers & Board 1999-2000


Debby Montieth
Vice President:           Rhonda O'Jampa
Secretary:                   Rebecca Rhine
Treasurer:                   Anne Marie Brandt
Boardmember: Mrs. Cora Jones
Boardmember: Mr. Harry Griffin
Committee Chairpersons

PTA Home  |What We Offer   |  More About Us  |  Related Sites  |  What's New  |  Event Calendar  |  Committees